Public Speaking for Kids

This fun, illustrated guide provides the foundations of communication and public speaking for  kids and adults alike  loaded with best practices around public speaking, an introduction to speech types, how to use visual media and props, sample speech topics, a few samples speeches, even a few clean jokes and quotes and much more…

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Public Speaking is more than a life skill-it’s an art. If done well, a speech can inspire, educate, and entertain. But how does one hone their skills enough to reach that level, or so to speak? 

With our handy new book (which we are proud to say is written by kids for other kids), Public Speaking for Kids, you can learn to improve how you communicate.

Features of our book include:

  • Well-researched information
  • Easy-to-understand text 
  • Convenient e-book format for easy access online
  • Colorful, fun images throughout the book
  • …and much, much more! 
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Advance Praise

"Public Speaking for Kids - An Illustrated Guide is such a thoughtful book that tackles the issue of public speaking. As a teacher, I have had many students come through my classroom who were afraid to speak in front of their peers. This book guides the young reader through every aspect of public speaking from preparing to delivery to reflection. And it's done with the help of a little character named Sneo, who entertains us along the way. The author does a terrific job weaving humor throughout the book, making it an engaging read for all kids. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to become a better public speaker"
Ms. Ellen Perris-Fitch, Teacher @ Rolling Hills Middle School
"Intriguing and provocative... This book marries a child's contemplation on public speaking and a step-by-step cookbook for kids (and even for adults like me!). The book feels like it is delivered straight from the heart providing you with a tangible framework as well as the tools. Snigdha Shenoy pulls off many intricacies related to how to craft a speech, how to evaluate a speech, and how to deal with apprehension around public speaking. More importantly, everything is well demonstrated with sample speeches and concrete steps"

Gavin Wang, Pioneer of Apache Spark in China, Author of over 20 books
This book is truly a treasure! It is a comprehensive and invaluable reference for children on how to become better public speakers, how to be more confident human beings and, most importantly, how to find their own voices in the world. What could be more important! The key concepts of public speaking are excellently scripted by Snigdha, and when combined with the artful illustrations from Sandeep, the 'how to' solution to this human dilemma is solidly anchored in the mind of the reader. I particularly liked the gentle assurance this book offers children. You can be a better communicator -This book will help you get there- just trust the suggested process and approach. Again, this book is truly a wonderful treasure!
Declan Shalvey,
Distinguished Toastmaster, Public Speaker & Coach
Public Speaking for kids-An illustrated Guide is a very informative book for all the beginners trying to hone up their public speaking skills. Some of the tips provided in the books are useful to even seasoned speakers to polish their skills.
Shivanand Prabhu,
Chartered Accountant
Public Speaking for kids-An illustrated Guide is a must read for any student, teacher, or anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills. Snigdha Shenoy, our young author, dissolves the mystery of public speaking and motivates readers to consider just how important, doable, and even enjoyable communication is. Readers quickly feel at ease as the author adeptly addresses all the common fears and obstacles to public speaking. In addition, kids will like the character, Sneo, who adds humor and friendliness to the effort. I highly recommend this rich resource.
Sharyn Voss,
Education Specialist
"Public speaking for kids is perfect for any student. Snigdha Shenoy has touched every element of public speaking and preparation, and Sandeep Shenoy's illustrations help bring an element of fun and ease to the process. This is the perfect guide for anyone just getting into public speaking or speech and debate, or someone looking to refine their skills, I can’t wait for more amazing books from these two."
Sahana Venkatesh, 12th Grade, 17 yrs old
"Exceptional praise for Public Speaking for Kids- An Illustrated Guide.  Every sentence provides humor, practical examples and a step-by-step guide to support speakers.  Every illustration adds joy to the text.  Fun read and absolutely inspiring!"


 Mrs. Blesilda Ilano-Tenorio, Ed.D,
Middle School Teacher 
"A young 8th grade author is on the horizon with her brother, a 5th grade illustrator by her side. I am confident that "the literature world will bless them wholeheartedly."
K. R.Shanbhogue, Retired Banker
"One of the best books on public speaking that has the potential to remove the "fear" and replace it with the "embrace" of public speaking and even make it a favorite activity. All the illustrations used throughout the book can help anybody easily understand, relate and apply the concepts easily. I really enjoyed all the sample speeches you have also included. If a young author like you can tackle such a tough topic for your very first book, you are bound for greatness amongst the author's fraternity in future. May god bless both of your hard work."
Mrs. Roopa, Stay-at-home mom
"I found this blog and the upcoming e-book very interesting and informative. It breaks down public speaking to specific skills that anyone can practice and gives a lot of great advice and useful tips on how to do it. Also, the illustrations were very meaningful and awesome."
Bumika, 8th Grade
"Public Speaking for Kids is a remarkable effort by Snigdha. For a 12-year-old to have this kind of vision and commitment to get it done is impressive to say the least. The tone of the language and the illustrations by Sandeep make the blog and e-book accessible and entertaining for children. It is a wonderful creation."
Sujatha, Content Specialist
"Great work Snigdha. A good read and foundational material for anyone looking at public speaking as a fear and wish to overcome it. Great illustrations by Sandeep. Keep it up. Looking forward for another big release by the duo."
Siddharth, College Freshman