Short and Easy Impromptu Frameworks: The CAB Framework

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This blog post is a continuation of the “Short and Easy Impromptu Frameworks”. To read about the PREP framework, click here. To read about the STAR framework, click here.


The CAB framework gives your audience a reason to believe in you and to act on what they’ve learned from you. It helps you show off something you’re passionate about, but simultaneously tells listeners what to do and how they will benefit from doing it. 


There are three parts to the CAB framework:


Conviction – Start off by showing the audience how strongly you feel about this subject. Your energy and passion over the subject can grab their attention and keep them listening to you. Make sure to give a succinct statement that clearly states how you feel. Be careful that any adverbs you use are necessary and that they fit the tone of your speech. Also, instead of using phrases like “we should” or “probably”, use words like “we must” or “without a doubt” for a more self-assured mood.



  • I believe that we must strive to save our planet from climate change before it’s too late.


Action – Now that your audience knows your personal stance on the subject, they need to know what they should do about it. How does your speech translate to things they can do in their lives? At the beginning of your speech, you should already have told them what they should do in general. Over the course of your speech, narrow this down to specific activities. (If possible, make these sound like commands instead of suggestions. If it sounds too harsh, then strongly suggest these activities.)



  • You can help contribute to our effort every day! Instead of riding in your car to school, take the bus or ride a bike. Instead of using the heater in winter, close your windows and wear more layers. Eat more local produce and buy less meat.

Benefit – Finally, the audience needs to know why they should do what you say. Make sure to link the benefits they will be receiving with their interests and (hopefully) their needs to effectively “seal the deal”. Even skeptics should be able to see the benefits you speak of and understand those who take your side.



  • If you want you and your loved ones to live long, healthy lives for generations, you need to have a planet to live on! 🙂 If we lead sustainable lives, we can put a stop to climate change. 


Like the other frameworks we’ve gone over in this series, the CAB framework is extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere! It’s especially great for persuasive speaking because it can hold the attention of people who may not agree with you. If you can make them hear everything you have to say, you have a much better chance of convincing them to take your side. 


When you use the CAB framework in your next speech, remember to keep each section brief. Organize your thoughts before you begin and maintain a flow between points. If used correctly, this method will focus your thoughts succinctly while helping your listeners focus on YOUR amazing speech! 


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