Top 5 BEST Public Speaking Podcasts

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Last time you were here, we covered some of the most inspiring public speaking role models. If you haven’t read that post yet, check that out here! This week, we’ll be going over some fantastic public speaking podcasts.


Over the past few years, podcasts have exploded in popularity. After all, they’re a simple and convenient way of consuming information – just pop in some earbuds! My favorite thing about podcasts is their versatility. You can listen to them while commuting, while exercising, or while doing chores. As long as it’s an activity that doesn’t take all that much of your attention, you can probably do it while listening to a podcast.


Even better, many podcast platforms are 100% free! For example, Spotify is free to anybody and can be accessed from many devices. Apple Podcasts are available to anyone with an Apple device (like an iPhone or Mac). And finally, Google Podcasts is free to use for anybody who has a Google account.


Today, I’ll be going over my Top 5 favorite public speaking podcasts. All of the following podcasts are available on Spotify, but may also be found on Apple or Google Podcasts.


  1. The Art of Communication by Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen – This podcast, hosted by two communication experts, reveals different insights on effective communication. Tune in for practical tips and diverse guest interviews.
  2. Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques by Stanford GSB – This podcast helps give listeners tools they can use in the business world, but they’re also applicable in school settings. Listening to Think Fast, Talk Smart, will help you present your ideas clearly and confidently when under pressure. 
  3. Public Speaking Without Fear by Clare Cairns – This podcast will give you good strategies to help you overcome your fear of public speaking, and it can serve as a valuable resource even if you’re an experienced speaker.
  4. Public Speaking and Presenting Made Easy by Malmesbury Speakers Academia – This podcast presents some useful tips to help develop your public speaking and presentational skills. These techniques can help you succeed in a variety of different settings where you may need to give a speech related to a certain topic.
  5. TED Talks Daily by TED – This podcast samples some of the most inspiring talks given by the world’s most incredible innovators. Topics range from global issues to entertainment to science, and can be a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn something new.

These podcasts will help you grow as a speaker, but also as a person in general. Join us next time for another “Top 5”!

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